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Creating a Visual Web Page Template
Use the power of Visual Basic .NET to create an ASP.NET Web page template. The visual template allows you to control the look and feel of your whole Web site using a single ASPX.

New Web Technologies Can Work for You

Have you admired the attractive, easy-to-use sites of some of the major Web companies? Or the ever-changing news and opinions presented on the Web by well-heeled organizations? With today's newest Web technologies, every company and organization (even the smallest) can have a top-notch Web site at an affordable price.

Book Cover: Programming the Web with Visual Basic .NET by Lynn Torkelson, Constance Petersen, & Zac Torkelson We developed this site using Microsoft's ASP.NET, a revolutionary new Web technology that we've been beta testing, writing about, and using for the past 220 months.

Our book about this technology, Programming the Web with Visual Basic .NET, was published on July 16th. In a review entitled Best in Show, software expert David Birmingham of Dallas, president of Metamorphic Software, gave our book a five star rating—the highest rating on

New Technologies Mean Better Tools

In the past, SoftMedia Artisans, Inc. worked primarily with large companies and organizations. The time required to create and deploy a truly top-notch Web site pushed development costs beyond the reach of smaller budgets.

Now, thanks to the greater productivity we achieve with these powerful .NET tools, we can create attractive, easy-to-use, Web sites with dynamic content for companies and organizations of all sizes. This translates to much lower costs to our customers for the same high-quality service.

We Can Make You Shine

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