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Articles About Web Design, Usability, & Programming

Programming a Web site? Look at these coding tips to make your job easier:

  • Creating a Visual Web Page Template: Use the power of Visual Basic .NET to create an ASP.NET Web page template. The visual template allows you to control the look and feel of your whole Web site using a single ASPX.

Screenshot: Article on IBM's developerWorks Web site.We know you're busy, so we'll cut to the chase. The following six articles contain the most critical information you need to make sure your Web site is useful and usable:

Interested in usability testing? Look no further:

Struggling to get started? These two articles are for you:

  • Web Commandments: Ten deadly sins and how to overcome them.
  • Web Ugly: Don't make Web pages that take forever to load, look ugly, and scream "amateur!" With just a little extra effort, your pages can look like they were created by a professional designer.

Going strong? You must love Web design and usability as much as we do! Read on:

  • E-Business--Up Close and Personalized: Use personalization and one-to-one marketing techniques to improve your company's e-business.
  • Reeling in the Sales: Getting a buyer to do more than nibble at your e-commerce site requires using the right bait.
  • Stir-Fried Graphics: Slicing graphics up into separate elements can improve resolution while reducing download time.
  • Taming the Web Color Monster: How to produce quality Web colors regardless of monitor resolution or browser.
  • Why Animate?: Must animation be superfluous? On the contrary. Sometimes it’s essential.
  • Widgets to the Rescue: We'd be lost without those little application tools that serve a limited, but invaluable, purpose.
  • Know Thy Users: One of the 10 commandments of user interface design has got to be "Know thy users for they are not you." This is not an easy commandment to follow.
  • Internet Incantations: The Internet can sometimes make a company's interface to its users frighteningly up close and personal.
  • Burn All GIFs?: November 5, 1999 was Burn All GIFs Day. Why Burn GIFs? Because they use the LZW compression algorithm. Find out why this matters.

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