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Smartisans.com is the company Web site of SoftMedia Artisans, Inc. We use Smartisans.com to inform the Web community about best practices in Web development and state-of-the-art technologies available to Web developers. You can always find reprints of our Web-related articles and columns at Smartisans.com.

SoftMedia Artisans, Inc.

Our company provides a full range of Web services including design, development, and hosting. To obtain a specific proposal from us, contact us with information about the services that your organization needs.

Technical Information

We developed our new Smartisans.com Web site using Microsoft's ASP.NET technology. Our designer used Microsoft FrontPage to create the initial Web page layouts. We then took these page layouts into Visual Studio .NET and developed the Web application according to the steps laid out in our new book, Programming the Web with Visual Basic .NET.

This ASP.NET Web site replaced an earlier HTML version that ran under FrontPage. All the .aspx pages test valid for CSS and HTML 4.01.

Valid CSS! Valid HTML 4.01!

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